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Defense Zone – Epic Battles TD is a type of strategy game has been millions of users around the world are very fond of. Defense Zone – Epic Battles TD gives players the feeling of novelty in the genre of warfare - tactics with extremely unique weapons upgrades!

Defense Zone – Epic Battles TD is a survival war between humans and monsters that arise from the dark: Orcs, Werewolves, Death Knights, Wyvern, Dragon ... One is alive, two are destroyed.
The fiercest battle in human history has gone through a series of difficult times and is coming to an end, and that depends on you. Become a great leader to bring peace to the world, then you will become a legendary warrior of the world!
- Classic game style with completely new missions
- Dozens of exciting levels of play are ready to challenge your tricks
- Three game modes: Easy, Medium, Hard
- Weapon upgrade system 5 levels
- Dozens of achievements await you to explore and constantly updated
 - High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art
 - Challenge with your friends in leaderboards
  - Completely free and does not need to be online to play

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